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If death has occurred, please accept heartfelt condolences from our family to yours.

Call us right away to assist you and to answer your questions at this very difficult time (800) 644-7700, text us at (209) 327-8724.

Please fill the following form and submit. We will contact you to start the arrangements.

Decedent’s Information:

    First Name
    Middle Name
    Last Name
    Date of Birth
    Country or State of Birth
    Date of Death
    Social Security Number
    Ever in the US Armed Forces?
    Marital Status
    Highest Education Level
    Was Decedent Hispanic/Latino/Spanish?
    Decedent Race (May use up to 3 choices)
    choice 1
    choice 2
    choice 3
    Does Decedent have Pace Maker?
    Approximate weight
    Usual Occupation (do not use retired)
    Kind of Business (Agriculture, Transportation, Government, ...)
    Years in Occupation
    Decedent’s Address
    Years in County
    Surviving Spouse
    Decedent’s Father
    Decedent’s Father Birth Country or State
    Decedent’s Mother
    Decedent’s Mother Birth Country or State
    Informant’s Information
    Informant’s Name
    Informant’s Relation
    Informant’s Address
    Informant’s Phone
    Informant’s E-mail